How we function as human beings is both diverse and complex, which means we approach challenges differently. It is how we deal with them that could stop us moving forward with our lives. It is likely that props e.g. alcohol, food, drugs, might be considered and/or we might develop behaviours that we think will keep us safe from harm. These behaviours are triggered by our thoughts and feelings.

If you gave yourself a choice - would you prefer to stay where you are or move on? Working towards making that move can change your life.

Phobias and fears…

Have you ever had an intense fear of something that you know, realistically, really poses little or no threat to you? Things like spiders, flying, closed-in places, heights, and snakes or even vomiting.

Fear can cause an extreme reaction to the point that it severely restricts your life to the point that you might avoid everyday situations or objects that others might consider harmless.

If you have a fear or phobia that has started to interfere with your life, then it is time to take action to overcome it. Sometimes you might not even understand what that is connected to; you might just start to have a sickening feeling but are not sure how or what triggers it.

Working with you we can develop an understanding of why this fear is present in your life today and whether you wish to let it go. We always have a choice.

Stress management…

Are you stressed? Do you really know what being stressed is? We all tend to say at some time that we are stressed, but what is stress?

There are different levels of stress, and we all experience it. The most common is where we have so much to do or think about that it feels out of control. It is how we deal with it that can escalate or de-escalate the level of stress.

Being under pressure these days is just part of our every- day life, we now find ourselves busier and busier and there is always something to do or someone that is relying on us or asking for our help. If you are unable to recognise the symptoms of stress, it could lead to bigger problems such as anxiety or depression.

Stress can take many forms – you might find that you have physical signs like tiredness, headaches or bad stomach or bowels. Your body is telling you something. Learning to recognise this takes time and is important for you.

Behavioural problems...

As human beings we may behave in ways that others don't understand. Indeed understanding ourselves is hard enough.

Do you reach for something when you are stressed or emotionally disturbed by an event or events in your life? Do you believe that having a drink, eating something or behaving in a certain way will help you? And, once you have done it - did it help or was it something that you really wished you had not done.

What happens sometimes is that the behaviour becomes habitual and you believe you cannot exist without it. You do have a choice, but when caught up in this difficult circle it doesn't feel that way.

Behavioural problems can make you look at life very differently and they are more common than you think. It could even go on for years without you being able to recognise anything and may affect your friends and family.

Working together we can overcome these problems and your life can be returned to you. Taking the first step towards resolving these problems may not be easy - the first step is often the hardest, but once you have taken it, you are on a journey towards your life becoming more manageable.

Managing your day to day life…

Modern day life is now pretty hectic and without doubt we are under more pressure than ever before. Whether it’s your workplace or at home, there is always something that you have to juggle and sometimes you might just find that it is too much for you to cope with.

The world has changed and we sometimes find ourselves running around at break-neck speed just to keep up. Jobs and travelling become the norm so that the majority of your time may be spent on these. This can cause stress and feelings of guilt and blame along with thoughts of ‘I should be….’ which can so often bring people these days to their breaking point.

That’s where I believe I can help you; talking about those things and developing awareness and understanding enables change and improves the quality of life for you and others around you.